Manufacture of the modern high quality bicycle.  And the major supplier Empire Bikes works with.  At one time Giant was producing about 80% of the quality bicycles sold in the US.  It all started with producing bikes for Schwinn back in 1972, later Giant Started producing bikes for Trek and Specialized.  With that Giant became expert bike producers, and with the development of Carbon Fiber, quality and standards were forever raised.  Giant recognized that producing the highest quality bike will require a higher quality Carbon Fiber, and currently is one of the only producers of bicycles from start to finish.  Most other companies buy there services.  We at Empire Bikes are one of the top Companies that work with Giant Bicycles. 


Scott Sports is on of the best selling bicycle brands in the world.  Scott has constantly been on the forefront of Road, MTB, and Triathalon bicycle racing.  Well know riders and world champions have been pushing the limits on Scott Bikes for years. 



Pioneered in Southern California, the team at Felt has been producing cutting edge bikes since the inception.  It all started when Jim Felt built a bike for Paula New by Frazier, and she went on to win the Ironman at Kona.  The team at Felt has been focused on producing the fastest bikes available.



An industry leader in high performance road and triathlon bicycles, Cervélo takes an engineering-driven approach to bicycle performance: define and measure, build, then test and refine. This may be one reason why Cervélo consistently comes out at the top of comparison tests and wins awards from the most respected industry publications.

Cervelo's approach can be seen not just in the performance of the finished product, but in the technologies our engineers create in order to achieve that performance. They call these technologies Core Design Features, and a select combination of them goes into every Cervélo engineered. These features are designed to provide improvements in aerodynamics, weight, stiffness, ride quality and usability, allowing Cervélo to deliver bikes that help you go faster and farther with less effort. Dozens of differences large and small, all engineered to make the difference that matters: a difference you can feel.